Starts: Friday 19 July 2019 @ 5pm
Ends: Sunday 21 July 2018 @ 2pm

Venue: Dowry House Retreat, Walsingham (

The third of a series of weekends to enable retreatants enter more deeply into the spirituality of Walsingham, learning in particular what it means to surrender to God’s Will in one’s life.

When we know we are loved by someone, deeply loved by them, we can trust their decisions regarding us, even if we don’t always understand their reasons. The same is the case in relation to God. The saying ‘Let go and let God’ is often quoted and yet so easy to accomplish. It is only when we stop relying on our need to control, to know, to be perfect, that we begin to taste the joy of allowing God to work freely in our hearts and lives.

This weekend will provide practical anecdotes and tools to help grow in a life-giving spirit of surrender to God. When our hearts are empty of self and the above needs, like the Holy House of Walsingham, God’s Spirit can enter in and take us to places we could never even begin to imagine.

In addition to the basic cost of board and lodging an extra donation of £20 (collected during the weekend) will be asked as a contribution to the work of the COLW Sisters who will be leading the retreat.