Starts: Friday 26 October 2018 @ 5pm
Ends: Sunday 28 October 2018 @ 2pm

Venue: Dowry House Retreat, Walsingham (

‘Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven’.

We see Walsingham Spirituality as being especially important for helping everyone learn to accept God’s Will, do God’s Will and gradually to surrender to God’s Will so as to live constantly in the Divine Will. This is the last of a series of retreats aimed at helping everyone enter deeply into this spirituality which is important for the return of our country to its Christian roots.

During the weekend we will look in particular at the lessons received by Luisa Piccharetta from Our Blessed Lady of how to live in the Divine Will. This is what brings light and life to our souls and enables us to live in the joy Our Lady promised to all those who visit Walsingham. The Fiat is the source of true and lasting joy and will find its expression in a thanksgiving which will arise automatically in our hearts for all that God will send us.

In addition to the basic cost of board and lodging an extra minimum donation of £20 will be asked as a contribution to the work of the COLW Sisters who will be leading the retreat.