After a difficult but very graced year we are glad to say that we now have five serious candidates who are at different stages of discerning their vocation with COLW. This is the first time that the community is in this amazing situation. So, firstly, we thank God for this wonderful gift.

Secondly, we are appealing to everyone to:

Keep all these young women very much in your prayers as they take these courageous steps forward.

Continue to support our vegetable garden which Catherine our novice always looks after so well (see picture on the left). We hope one day to be almost self-sufficient.

Consider contributing to the internal alterations needed to prepare rooms for these young women. Our enclosure area in the formation house does not currently have the rooms to welcome them. One will be joining next March so by then we will need to have made some partitions and divided the large rooms up into smaller ones. Quotes coming in put the cost at around £20,000. If you can offer a contribution to this development cost please do so here.

We also need to soundproof parts of the first floor (especially the room which will be for our chaplain) as all sounds move between the chapel and our guest rooms and bathrooms. It has been a long standing problem and we will need to use better specific materials for this. Quotes coming in put the cost at around £40,000. If you can offer a contribution to this development cost, again you can do so here.


If you have any questions about these particular requests please call us on 01362 421442 or 07733 385788