Our work and mission has continued throughout the past year of the pandemic: stewarding at the shrine, helping with the liturgy for the Shrine live-stream and giving spiritual direction and online retreats. In all that we do, we continue to live our consecrated life of prayer, community and mission.

As a charity, this past year has really affected our cash flow. We do receive a stipend from the shrine for three sisters running Dowry House Retreat. However, as you may know, as well as three finally professed Sisters, we also have Sr Jo who is temporary professed,  Catherine who is a postulant and, God willing, more people discerning with us in the coming year! As a community, we have always relied on donations to support our life and our mission, with donations making up over 50% of our income.

A couple of our main benefactors can no longer help us so we are looking at running into a deficit by the end of the year. Currently, we have only 22 people who donate monthly to our community. With an additional burden of repair work needed to our convent in Dereham, we need to secure more regular income so that we can budget well from year to year.

A priest friend has kindly offered to say a weekly Mass for all the people who set up a monthly donation for COLW, as his way of supporting our fundraising efforts. This has given us the courage to reach out to you all.

Hence we would like to ask you to consider making a monthly donation to support our community. If you can please go to this page to set up a monthly subscription.

Can you give £20 a month to support COLW? With your donation (of any amount) you will be:

~ Remembered daily in the Sisters’ prayers.
~ Included in a weekly shared Mass for all our benefactors.
~ Helping this new form of consecrated life to flourish!