After a very graced year we are glad to say that we now have two new postulants with another in the process of joining, as well as a postulant preparing to enter novitiate. We also have seven lay people preparing to take their first promises in the lay branch. This is the first time that the community is in this amazing situation

So, firstly, we thank God for this wonderful gift.



Secondly, we are appealing to everyone to:

Keep all these young women and our lay members very much in your prayers as they take these courageous steps forward.

Continue to support our vegetable garden which Sr Catherine, who recently took her first vows, always looks after so well. We hope one day to be almost self-sufficient.

Praying for us as we discern the best way to extend our convent to accommodate the increasing number of those wishing to join us and to welcome our lay members for formation.

Contributing in any way you can afford at this time to community funds here.

If you have any questions about these particular requests please call us on 01362 421442 or 07733 385788