Starts: Friday 16 September 2022 @ 3pm
Ends: Sunday 18 September 2022 @ 2pm

Venue: Dowry House Retreat, Walsingham (

The forth in a series of retreats on Walsingham Spirituality and discovering from Mary herself how to receive and live the gift of the Divine Will with a spirit of thanksgiving so central to the message of Walsingham.

Retreatants can participate from the comfort of their homes via zoom or in Dowry House where personal accompaniment from one of the sisters will also be on offer.

For all the beauty of the Shrine of Walsingham, there is something much greater and it is contained in God’s Word. Over the weekend we will be invited  follow the example of Mary, to encounter God’s Word, to share in Mary’s joy at the Annunciation, and to say ‘yes’ to God, as Mary said ‘yes’: Mary, as the first disciple, invites us to share in her Joy at the Annunciation, when the ‘Word became flesh and dwelt among us’ (John 1:14).

This joy, which can only reside in our heart, in not simply an emotion, or strong feeling; it is the knowledge that we are loved, and this knowledge is the greatest antidote to fear and anxiety. We can’t always be happy, but we can always have the strength of joy in our lives. Our world still walks in darkness, for so many of our brothers and sisters have not seen the great light. This light is known only through a human encounter, for the Word became flesh and lived among us. Therefore, the world waits for women and men, who have said ‘yes’ to God in their lives, to be beacons of light to those who live in darkness. Each moment in history demands great sacrifices, acts of love and kindness, acts of graciousness and radical generosity to address the darkness that so besets our world. The challenge of renewal within the Church is not about administration, it is about a renewal of the personal and generous response in the lives of its members to say ‘yes’ as Mary said ‘yes’.

“Oh Mary, teach us always to say yes to God, every moment of our life.

Oh Mary, teach us always to give thanks to God, every moment of our life.’

Attend on a residential basis or via ZOOM



£170 ensuite

£150 standard

Prices are per person for 2 nights’ accommodation, full board, refreshments and use of the beautiful facilities of Dowry House. We welcome additional donations for the Sisters of around £20 per person for the input and resources given (Given separately once here).

Arrivals can be from 3.15 pm on the Friday and departures are 2.30pm on the Sunday.

Extend your visit: You are welcome to stay extra nights (Sun, Mon and Tues available) on a full board, half board or B&B basis as you prefer. If you stay for all 5 nights on a full board basis, you will save £25 – an ensuite room is £400 and a standard room is £350 for 5 nights full board. Please enquire by emailing


The zoom session timings will be given closer to the time. For now, it will be helpful for you to know that the first session is usually 7.30pm on the Friday and there may be a final session for zoom participants around 3pm on the Sunday. Our recommended donation rates are:

Usual donation range: £35 – £60

18 – 29 year olds: £20 – £35

If you are interested in attending, please email, letting us know whether you would like to attend residentially or via zoom.