A virtual journey to the Holy House for those interested in the COLW charism. After three years of work (in between duties at the shrine and getting our first convent up and running), and with the indispensable feedback from lay members and priest friends, the Book of Life saw the light.

This first edition will still need editing but it is the first of many texts that will help us understand how we can live Walsingham Spirituality in depth and share the beauty of the message of Walsingham for England and the world at these times of pain and confusion. The world needs a message of hope. A message of joy – rooted in the knowledge that despite how things look God wishes us to live with peace and joy. A joy like that of Mary at the Annunciation and rooted in God’s real presence within us and around us.

Men and women from any state of life are welcome to join us as we all try to say ‘YES’ to God’s love and his will in our own lives. Young adults especially are invited to join us (with breakout groups for them led by Catherine or sr Theresa). As we learn to say a deeper yes to his love and will in the little circumstances of each day we will be able to make life-defining choices that correspond to our heart’s deepest desire – God’s dream for us.

Please check out the pilgrim bog here and contact Lizzie, who leads the lay branch with the support of Brian her husband, is you wish to join these sessions going through the Book of Life. Please note that if you have miss some of the sessions you can always catch up as they are recorded and can be sent to you.

Schedule of Zoom Sessions (at 8pm) – dates and detail

1. 6th  October 2021

    Introductory Session – Origins and Charism

    Reading before November meeting – pp. iv-ix and 1-15
2. 3rd November
    Mary Our Model
    Reading before December meeting – pp.16-23
3. 1st December
    FIat in the Divine Will
    Reading before February meeting – pp. 24-31
   8th January 2022
    COLW Epiphany celebration in Dereham
4. 2nd February
    Reading before March meeting – pp. 32-38
5. 2nd March
    Reading before April meeting – pp. 39-47
6. 7th April
    Reading before May meeting – pp. 48-58
7. 4th May
    Apostolic and Life in Community
   Reading before June meeting – pp. 59-75
8. 1th June
    The Rule and Next Steps
    Reading before the July plenary – The COLW Rule of Life
  16th July
    COLW gathering in Dereham