With the approval of the Rule of Life for the lay branch, Lizzie (with the support of her husband Brian) has been asked to be the leader of the lay branch of COLW.

As a member of the original founding group in 2004 and now married with 3 beautiful children, she has always longed for a place in the community. So when the new decree was granted on 16th July 2017, using the new canons which allowed communities of consecrated life to have lay members more closely associated with them, this was another pivotal step on the way to realising the original inspiration: to be a community of men and women from all sates of life living in depth the spirituality of Walsingham for the conversion of England and the western world.

It was also the perfect opportunity to begin starting to write the Book of Life – which took two years of prayer and work. This Book of Life begins to explain the spirituality of COLW and is the first of other texts which will be developed in the coming years.

This is the spirituality we now try to live as vowed sisters, lay members and diocesan priests (and one day, vowed brothers and priests) and which we try to share more widely for the good of the Church to whom the charism has been given.