4th – 6th October, 2024


Join the Community of Our Lady of Walsingham for a weekend in Dereham on a journey discovering at a deeper level who you are for God and who he is for you.  There is a beautiful story of St Teresa of Avila had a vision of Jesus one day and asked her, ‘Who are you?,’ she replied, ‘I am the Teresa of Jesus,’ to which he replied, ‘And I am the Jesus of Teresa.’  This is something we must all learn for ourselves.  Each one of us is totally unique in all creation and has been called into being to loved by God and show to the world a particular facet of who he is.  This retreat will seek to shed light on what this is for you which will deepen and enliven each aspect of your live when lived in depth.  Due to the nature of this retreat only residential places will be available and these will be fewer in number to allow for more space and solitude.

For further information email: office@walsinghamcommunity.org or what’s app us / call on 07733 385788.



We ask for a suggested donation of £100 – £150 (based on sharing with one other person) and £150 – £200 (single). These donation rates are per person for the whole weekend which includes all your meals from Friday supper to Sunday lunch as well as refreshments. You can enjoy the beautiful house and grounds of our convent in Dereham as well as the Chapel overlong the moors. There is also the opportunity for spiritual accompaniment from a sister. Residential places are especially limited on this retreat and only available on a first-come, first-serve basis so book early to avoid disappointment!


Dereham has good public transport links with Dereham and buses are also available from Kings Lynn. We may be able to arrange lifts for you to and from the station depending on the time you arrive/leave.  Please let us know what you can on the registration form or closer to the time so we can help with this.