Friends and Associates

The Community of Our Lady of Walsingham (COLW) is a large family and not a rigid structure. Hence, we are open to recognising and welcoming any links that allow people to enter into the varied forms of integration within the Community.

In no way does the Community own the gifts and the grace it has received from the Lord. The grace extends beyond its immediate structure and involves a large number of people, who may live, if they desire to, according to the COLW’s spirit, co-operate in its apostolic activities or support it through prayer and material aid, without being members of the Community structure as so far defined. People are welcome to become:

Friends of the COLW

Friends of the COLW receive our hospitality and prayer and regular Community newsletters. They support the Community according to their gifts: prayer, friendship and practical assistance, as their time and commitments permit.

Part of the COLW Family

The COLW Family includes people who spend time discerning a calling to become members of the community itself. Often one can become part of the lay branch (for which a rule of life is bring prepared) and within which one can discern a vocation to priesthood and vowed or married life (within COLW or elsewhere). At the centre of their lives is the desire to live in faithfulness to God’s call. They aim to become like Mary a house of God, a hearer of the Word and a bearer of the Spirit. They wish to enter with the whole Community into a bond of spiritual communion and fraternal assistance, in order to be nourished by the COLW’s own grace and to enable it in its mission.

People can sign up as friends of COLW (click here) and the lay branch is forming as we write. A rule of life for lay associates