After the initial inquiry stage, candidacy is a time of gradually getting to know the community. Over a period of at least one to two years, candidates are in regular contact with the COLW, with a member of the community to accompany them in this process.

They visit the community on a regular basis and if helpful for them, are invited to spend time in a discernment community affording them the experience of shared prayer and community life whilst keeping their jobs. If, after several visits, they decide to join the community the men and women start an application process which includes an extended ‘live-in’ aspirancy of two to three months during the preadmissions formation continues.

“It is only through Adoration that you get a clear understanding of the action you have to undertake”.
Abbe Pierre, Founder of Emmaus

Postulancy follows on from the aspirancy. As postulants, they will then be helped to have a greater understanding of their baptismal vocation and the spirituality of the COLW. The formator endeavours to safeguard the spontaneity of each candidate and helps them become the person they are called to be. One of the main aims of this period is to help the candidate develop a discerning heart, so as to make decisions according to the Spirit and to test their vocation. With this in view emphasis is given to human formation issues and growth in understanding of the Catholic faith. Grace works on nature. Hence, the importance of releasing blocks to one’s growth in human maturity during postulancy which usually lasts for 6 to 12 months.