Ongoing Formation

After the taking of final vows, formation must follow the dynamic of the vocation itself, the grace of which increases and invites an ever deeper response.

It is a question of configuration to Christ, being of the same mind as him, a work that is never finished. Formation will, in the living of our lives, stimulate and nourish the movement of conversion begun in the novitiate.

Spiritual wisdom, which is principally a fruit of prayer and purity of heart, is to be desired more than abstract knowledge. To this end, the Community will organise seminars for members of the Institute, with the aim of growth in faithfulness to one’s calling.

Everyone is responsible for formation by living with joy and gratitude the gift of their vocation because vocation is a response, not an initiative of the individual: it is to be chosen, not to choose. Sisters’ and brothers’ lives witness to the happiness, full of thanksgiving, that Mary sings in the ‘Magnificat’.