‘As a charism celibacy is the public face of contemplative experience making visible in this world the absolute freedom, the captivating beauty, the supreme generosity, and the ultimate fidelity of the divine love that moves the sun and the other stars’.
S. Schneiders

Through consecrated chastity we are called to undivided love for Christ and his spouse, the Church. There is careful discernment to see whether one is truly called to this way of life of celibacy for the reign of God

A spirit of prayer and healthy asceticism, regular reception of the sacraments, filial devotion to Our Lady, a well balanced lifestyle and responsible use of the instruments of social communication, help us live this vow in its fullness.

The development of healthy friendships within and outside of the community enables us to live the call to chastity as a positive and joyous witness in today’s world.

Each of us is responsible for creating a climate of real, deep and sincere love in community, recognising that the living of this vow is often demanding and requires mutual support and understanding.