Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. All the saints, throughout the ages have taught the importance of doing God’s will and of Living closely united with God’s will so that His kingdom will come. St Teresa of Avila, in her commentary on the Our Father, points out that Jesus has asked, and taught us to ask, for something so highly valuable that it includes everything we can desire here below’ (Way of Perfection 32:1). Teresa takes these words very seriously indeed. She maintains that if Jesus had not made this petition on our behalf, we would not have dared to make it of ourselves: because, she says, ‘the task would seem to me impossible’ (WP 32:2). It is often easy to ask for something or to promise something to another, but difficult to follow it through by living it out. And when it comes to living our will to another, this is much harder still – in fact, the most difficult thing of all.

We see Walsingham Spirituality as being especially important for helping everyone learn to accept God’s Will, do God’s Will and gradually to surrender to God’s Will so as to love constantly in the Divine Will.

The understanding of living in the Divine Will has made leaps and bounds through the mystical theology of Venerable Luisa Piccharetta. In the summer of 2015 the Vatican published the Italian version of the book ‘The Sun of My Will‘ and the English version appeared in January 2016. The Gift of the Divine Will, which God now wishes to give to the world is not only about doing God’s Will, but possessing God’s Will i.e. letting God carry out His own will, Himself, within us through our consent. This is what Adam was doing up until the Fall, and what Jesus did in His humanity throughout His whole life while on earth.

Jesus points out that Luisa, who received the Gift of the Divine Will on the 8th September 1889, marks the beginning of the era of the Kingdom of the Divine Will on earth. This gift is now available to everyone. For more information on this please visit the following site: