Excerpt from Letter 14 of Saint Hannibal di Francia to the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta: 

Messina, February 23, 1927

Dearest one in Jesus Christ, our Highest Good – blessed daughter,

Your letter has been of great comfort for me.  I feel I have become a nothing before the great Mercy of the Lord, and the great deposit of the Revelations about the Divine Will!

Last night, unexpectedly, I had a tranquil sleep, as in the times of my good health, and I was able to celebrate Holy Mass at 6 in the morning.  This is why I sent you the second telegram – that you might be tranquil, though you always are, by the grace of the Lord, as the Firstborn Daughter of the Divine Will(…)

With the help of the Lord we will print thousands of Cards on which there will be the recitation of the little chaplet of the Divine Will, formed of an ejaculatory prayer taken from the Our Father, in two parts:

Fiat, Domine, Voluntas tua,  Sicut in Coelo et in Terra.  Amen.


 (Fiat, God, Your Will be done on earth as It is in Heaven. Amen)

It begins with the Our Father, Hail Mary and the Glory Be.
After 10 repetitions (prayer above), by oneself or in company, there is the Glory Be,
and so on for 5 decades; and then, for as many as one wants.
The 5 decades end by praying:

Lord Jesus, we praise You, we love You, we bless You and we thank You,

with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, in your Holy and Eternal Divine Will. Amen.