Walsingham has continually played a key part in my vocational journey. Both Mary’s Fiat and the reality of the Incarnation – that God-is-with-us, has been the cornerstone of everything I believe and everything I wish to be.

When I was in formation for the priesthood Sr Camilla and Sr Gabriela visited my seminary and introduced themselves as the Community of Our Lady of Walsingham I was particularly interested in their way of life and naturally felt drawn to the community.

Later, through as series of what might be termed ‘God incidences’, I routinely bumped into Sr’s Camilla, Gabriela and now Theresa. I was attracted by their joy, apostolic zeal and contemplative spirit. I was ordained in 2010 for the Diocese of East Anglia and continued to have contact with the community on and off until they eventually moved into Walsingham and my home Diocese. Their prayers and support were greatly beneficial to me especially when I was going through a turbulent period early on in my priestly ministry.

As the community has evolved and the Ecclesial Family takes shape, I am delighted to be a priest associate of the community. I am blessed to be able to call them sisters and to have them as friends. As a secular priest I find my life and ministry is enriched deeply by my contact with the community and in my sharing in their spirituality.